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NEST 80%

NEST 80%



NEST™ is a part of our 80% privacy/ blockout range and is the opposed of geometric. Inspired by the tangled mass of bird’s nest, tangled undergrowth or tribal rattan weaving the pattern is a simple organic textural backdrop to blend into your outdoor space. It also lends itself to an oriental theme.At 80% privacy/ block-out it is perfect for boundary screening on a fence or wall, great for walling feature and many other applications.


The Privacy/ Block-out Rating refers to the percentage amount of light or vision let through by screen. This may be for compliance to particular building codes or local regulations (over-looking balcony features, balustrades, easement fence boundaries). In many other cases compliance is not relevant, but it can also give you a comparative measure of the visual effect. Within the range we have 3 separate categories, 60% light, 80% Moderate-Compliant,90%+ High Privacy

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