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Use the material that nature gave us for outdoor screening…
…with a little aussie innovation!

Garden Screen™ panel is pressed from 100% sustainably sourced hardwood timbers (in most cases the hardy gum tree). It’s manufactured in a carbon negative plant, sourcing from a geographic envelope local from the mill and using a conscientious mixture of sources including environmental felling and other sources that may otherwise be considered waste. Unique to fiber-boards, organic fiber makes up 97% of Garden Screen™ panel, and no synthetic glues or bindings are used. So it’s a tick for garden, tick for the world’s garden and a gold star for you!
What does Carbon Negative mean to you? Basically there’s an oversupply of C²O in the atmosphere. Traditional production of materials like steel, aluminum and plastics use or omit C²O. Plants and products like ours that are based on organic matter actually sequest it (absorb it). So in short a Carbon negative product is solving the problem.

100% Australian Designed, Grown, Made and Sequested

This unique product is a great example of Australian Sustainable Innovation.
There are no country of origin conflicts here!
The product and the base material is 100% Australia Made. The timber is native and grown in Australia, but only taken from sources that exclude virgin-natural forest, and are otherwise secondary or waste sources). The Mill is within a local envelope to the area the timber it is sourced from, and runs as a Carbon Negative Plant.

97% Organic Content - Otherwise Waste Product

This unique hardwood board is a great example of Australian Sustainable Innovation is made-up of 97% wood fiber, and no synthetic glues, which is unprecedented in fiber-board composite materials. This explains its great sustainable credentials and its superior dimensional stability and durability in outdoor conditions.
Furthermore the sources are almost exclusively Australian hardwood (the hardy gum tree), and sources are not traditional premium, logging sources, (or old-growth forest) but environmental clearing or by-product sources that would otherwise be graded as waste.
The use of native, local species follows and philosophy of transport, process and impact minimization, and sources are chosen from within a maximum catchment area of the mill.

10 Year Material Warranty

Garden Screen carries a Material Warranty of 10 Years.
This covers your panel against the following forms of physical deterioration under normal outdoor atmospheric conditions; rot, bloat and/or de-lamination. Panels must be installed above ground, and not in continuous contact with ground or water. Panels must be fixed in a vertical plain to a sound structure, that allows normal run-off. Panels should be fixed at minimum centers (intervals) of 12″ around the full parameter of each panel.
Installations are the responsibility of the installer. Material Warranty valid within USA and Canada.

The benefits to the consumer given by this warranty are in addition to and not in conflict with all other rights and remedies of the consumer under a law in relation to the goods or services to which the warranty relates. Warranty and Minimum Installation Guidelines

Zero Synthetic Glues and Nasties

Unbelievably there are no synthetic glues or nasty VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or carcinogens like Formaldehyde which is traditionally present in Interior Grade Composite fiber-boards. This is great for you, your kids, our workers and the planet. This is again a unique characteristic of this Aussie material, and it also explains why the product is so durable and stable in exterior conditions, because it’s usually all these artificial additive that start breakdown when exposed to exterior conditions.
VOCs are a whole host of nasty chemicals that have traditional been used in many materials, glues, paints and finishes, that can and have had implications on end-users, workers, plant emissions and broader environmental issues. To maintain the VOC mitigation, we advise you use water-based Low VOC paints and stained products. Most common coating products sold at your local hardware store are now Low VOC by law.

Carbon Negative Foot Print

Timber is the product that nature has designed for shading and furnishing or landscape, so using it in our creative landscapes only makes sense. Throughout the life of a tree, it sequests or absorbs Carbon Dioxide in an almost inverse nature to way human’s emit it in so many of our general energy and material functions. In recent times human’s have tried measure this emission or sequestration of all human or at least industrial practices loosely termed as a ‘carbon-footprint’. Practice using a lot of emissions have a large or positive footprint, those that have no carbon dioxide effect are neutral or those that sequest carbon have a negative carbon-footprint.
The beauty of a negative footprint production, means they are not only ‘not increasing’ the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, but it is absorbing carbon dioxide, that you could extrapolate as coming from someone else’s production process. In others words


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