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  • ORIENT™ is brilliant choice for a more sophisticated architectural scheme. Based on traditional geometry patterns from ancient asian and midlle eastern design, it is also reminiscient of chic 60s modernism, and provides high privacy.

  • Modular Installation example.

    Modular Installation example. Panels can be clad in a 'tile' formation in landscape or portrait orientation to make any size outdoor feature

  • Modular Installation Example

    Panels can be repeated in any direction, and in portrait or landscape orientation to suit your outdoor project




ORIENT™ is one of our more restrained geometric designs for a more minimal sophisticated architectural look, or for large cladding areas with a stately look. The design has Asian and Morrocan influences and fits in with this eclectic bohemian theme. It’s tight simple geometry and heavy 90%+ rating, give it a well-balanced visual effect (distinct but complimentary to other materials, textures, foliage and features) also belongs in the genre of ultra-contemporary or even 20century modernism (50s-70s inspired). The tight, simple geometry gives it both look and function of authority and security for fences, gates, entrances.

All screens come as standard in Decoshield™ Natural Finish and are ready for exterior installation.


The Privacy/ Blockout Rating refers to the percentage amount of light or vision let through by screen. This may be for compliance to particular building codes or local regulations (over-looking balcony features, balustrades, easement fence boundaries). In many other cases compliance is not relevant, but it can also give you a comparitive measure of the visual effect. Within the range we have 3 seperate categories, 60% light, 80% Moderate-Compliant,90%+ High Privacy

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